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Our End Goal

Our end goal is to be able to travel to Bali and build these children a school that will have no restrictions and requirements to be a part of while also providing all the schooling necessities for the children in this school. 

Right Now

For the time being, we are actively taking part in donations to
Bali Children's Project  
 We are in the process of assisting these kids through a range of programs:
charity programs for bali honey skin

Honey Skin will be using part of every sale to donate to one of these programs, and slowly, we will make a difference!


What Is the Issue?

Many Children from the poorest families in Bali never complete basic education. As children grow older, costs rise and families struggle to afford the fees.
School fees become too high and the child is forced to drop out of primary school to begin work in order to bring the family income.

Child sex abuse is a huge and growing problem in Bali, and adolescent children who drop out of school are the most vulnerable.

For this reason, we are targeting as much of the education side of things as possible.

Bali Children

Thank You For Your Involvement 

Thank you for taking the time to read our page.

Help us put smiles on the faces that deserve so much more.

Together we can make a difference.