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How to stop Hair from growing back so fast?

How to Stop Hair from Growing Fast?

  • By - Honey Skin
  • 26 May, 2019

The growth of hair all around the body is a normal trait both male and females are born with and we can’t prevent unless we really do something about it.

Unfortunately, in some of our opinions, it is not a very attractive trait when we have unwanted hair in specific areas!

Honey Skin surveyed 40 women and 40 men all between the ages of 18 and 40.

*All women and men that took part in this survey were located in Australia.

Our results were as expected, 72.5% of women didn’t mind hair on a male as long as it is taken care of.

What girls think of guys

However, only a small 17.5% said they didn’t mind too much if the male had excessive and ungroomed hair.

In the male perspective, only 12.5% of men said that they didn’t mind if a woman had hair on her legs or armpits.

87.5% of men also said that they would find a woman more attractive if they knew she was at least trying to control the hair growth.

what guys think of girls

In an ideal world, natural hair growth would be considered beautiful and attractive.

However, this is not the case in our time, and attitudes on this topic have evolved dramatically. For this reason, we hope you learn something from our different options below to help you slow down your hair growth and control it once and for all.

  • Plucking your hairs with tweezers. This will stop your hair from growing back fast if you repeatedly pluck it when it grows back. After time, the hair will grow back thinner and at a slower pace. However, this is only recommended for small body areas like your eyebrows and your chin as it is a slow process and it will take time. Oh, and it also hurts!

  • Laser Hair Removal at Clinics is very effective to slow down the pace of your hair growth. This is a popular treatment in our time and has been proven to give results. However, many treatments are needed in order to see results and these treatments are very expensive. If you want to read more about Laser Hair Removal at Clinics you can read our other article on How much does Laser Hair Removal Cost? Or our article on Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

  • At Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Devices are proven to work effectively to slow down the pace of your hair regrowth and to make your hair grow back thinner. They tend to have very similar results to Laser Hair Removal at Clinics. Only they are designed in a way that you can safely and conveniently use it yourself at home. Oh, and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper! IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and it is a treatment that has been proven in countless studies to slow down hair growth dramatically, and to reduce the thickness of your hair. IPL is also proven to be an effective treatment of photorejuvenation(removes wrinkles, spots, and textures through prompting it to heal itself by creating new cells), as well as to alleviate(make a problem less severe) specific diseases such as acne. If you’d like to get yourself one of these then we recommend the At Home Honey Skin IPL.
    If you want to read more about At Home IPL Devices you can read our articles on The Best At Home IPL Device or At Home IPL vs Laser Clinics or Does IPL really work?

  • Waxing Treatments are also an effective way to stop hair from growing. You can purchase waxing essentials at nearly every local pharmacist. If you plan on choosing to wax, we really recommend you do your research because it really does hurt a lot! For first-timers, we recommend you research the direction of waxing, ensure your hair is at the right length, how to prepare for the pain, exfoliating, the temperature of the wax and always make sure you wash the wax off with cool water after treatment (hot water will hurt you)!

  • Hair Removal Creams, also known as depilatories, are also an effective way to slow the pace of your hair growth. There are now many forms of hair Removal cream such as lotions, gels, roll-ons, powders, and even sprays, all with different levels of strength and for different parts of the body. However, these creams contain strong chemicals and have the ability to cause severe reactions and burns to an individual who has sensitive skin or an allergic reaction. You may be fine the first time, but these are chemicals, it is possible for an individual to develop an allergy to a substance over time.

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