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Laser Hair Removal Cost

Laser Hair Removal Cost

  • By - Honey Skin
  • 09 June, 2019

Laser Hair Removal Costs are words thrown around all the time now. No one seems to want to just answer the question.

So you’re looking to remove some hair, right?  Before you do, you should become really familiar with a few things.

First and foremost, become familiar with the entire process from the moment you enter the clinic to the moment that you leave.  

We can give you a rundown of how it will work out:

  • You will walk into the clinic and book an appointment for laser hair removal on a certain area of your body.
  • You will have to either pay with an upfront cost (which is generally cheaper) or decide to pay as you go (which is generally more expensive).
  • If you’re lucky, you will be able to do your first hair removal procedure right then and there.
  • You will then come back in another month to repeat the process once again until the hair is removed (usually on the 10th session)

Simple, right?  Well, it can be simple, depending on where your laser hair removal clinic is!  

This is also something that you need to factor in when thinking about the “cost” of laser hair removal.

I know what you’re looking for though, just a general price breakdown of laser hair removal.  That all depends on the area of the body that you are trying to treat. Some parts of the body will be more expensive than other parts of the body depending on the surface area of the skin - this is understandable though.  

Think about it, would you pay the same amount for a large McDonalds meal as you would for a small one? No….Terrible example, I know, but you get the point!

Here is a video that shows what a laser hair removal procedure looks like, courtesy of Refinery29.



Laser Hair Removal Cost Study Sheet

Honey Skin decided to make things easier for you.  We went and did our own study and looked at various different laser hair removal clinics and their prices for specific regions of the body.

 Now, keep in mind that these are total costs after 10 sessions. We also have factored in skin clinics that offer discounts for upfront payments of 10 treatments.

laser hair removal costs chart


As you can see, the costs are quite high, but the averages were:


  • Full arms: $802.86
  • Full legs: $1,007.86
  • Bikini line: $242.86
  • Face: $283.57


It’s also important you think about the other associated costs that aren’t exactly money.  

For example, think about the cost of driving to the clinic, or waiting in line when you could be doing something else.  

When you think about these things, do you still want to get laser hair removal?


If not, that’s fine, we have another option for you.

Check out our Number One Best Alternative to Cheaper Laser Clinic Results. This nifty little product will let you take care of all your hair removal needs.  

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