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IPL Laser

  • By - Honey Skin
  • 05 June, 2019

You’ve heard the acronym, but you may be wondering what it actually means. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and it is a brand new technology used initially by medical practitioners for treatments such as acne treatment or permanent hair removal.

I know that doesn’t quite explain everything you want to know, so let’s get more into it.

How does IPL actually work?
It works as the name suggests, it emits an Intense Pulsed Light (or to us, a flash) that consists of numerous different wavelengths.  All IPL lasers come with a cooling agent that ensures that your skin does not burn when this flash is emitted.

IPL’s differ from that of traditional laser hair removal machines as those machines usually only emit at a flash at a single wavelength that is specific to the hair and skin of the area you want to treat.  By using various different wavelengths combined into one, you can be sure that the IPL will surely include the skin and hair type that you want to treat.

The end result of the IPL is the same end result of that of a traditional laser hair removal machine and that is to burn the hair follicle to ensure that it doesn’t grow back again.  This is the premise behind various different treatments including acne treatment. 

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Should I Choose Traditional Laser Hair Machines or IPL’s?

The answer to this is quite simple but depends on various factors.  Firstly, what type of treatment do you require? Secondly, have you done research into that treatment?  Lastly, are you willing to go to a clinic to do this or is it something you would like to do at home? Thankfully, IPL’s are usually the answer to all of these.  The only exception would be if you were trying to permanently remove thick and coarse hair and in that case, traditional laser hair removal would be the answer. Want to know if the type of your hair is suitable for our IPL?  Message us Via our Contact Page, or Instagram Page, or even Facebook Page.


*Please be advised we are not medical professionals and can only provide a non-medical recommendation.

Honey Skin’s Study of IPL Costs vs Traditional Laser Hair Removal Costs Table 

We at Honey Skin have made it easy for you to decide whether or not you should choose the IPL.  


We at Honey Skin decided to do our own study of how much it actually costs for hair removal.  We had four volunteers who chose to do four separate treatments with them being:


  • Buying the Honey Skin IPL Laser (Intense Pulse Light)
  • Traditional Laser Hair Removal at a clinic for Legs
  • Traditional Laser Hair Removal at a clinic for Arms
  • Traditional Laser Hair Removal at a clinic for the Bikini Line


The results were actually quite staggering!


Traditional Laser Hair Removal ended up costing our volunteers:

  • $1250.00 for permanent hair removal of the legs
  • $900.00 for permanent hair removal of the arms
  • $245.00 for permanent hair removal for the bikini line


The IPL, on the other hand, was a one time cost for $270 (using the code HONEYSKIN at checkout)!  This little investment is going to last our volunteer 15+ years! Hard to believe isn't it?


The Best IPL Laser Hair Removal Product in the Market

Now you’re probably wondering what the best laser hair removal product is and where to purchase it, and I don’t blame you! Thankfully, we at Honey Skin have the perfect product for you!


Check out the IPL Laser Hair Removal product that is currently in stocks (not for long).  It utilizes the newest technology and boasts a beautiful LED screen and gold plated furnish.  It is a fashionable item that you can take anywhere if you wanted to but more importantly, it works amazingly.  It has the most up to date IPL technology, has over 500,000 flashes available (lasting for up to 15 years) and has helped many with providing treatment solutions.  Don’t believe us? Check out our before and after shots from different customers here.  

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To add to that,
Honey Skin will ship you our product COMPLETELY free of charge regardless of where you’re from AND provide you with a warranty for up to one year (in that same year you could have treated all the parts of the skin that you need to!).


So what are you waiting for?  Buy our IPL now!



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