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Hydrogen Peroxide For Hair Lightening

Hydrogen Peroxide For Hair Lightening

  • By - Honey Skin
  • 24 September, 2020

Many of us are not comfortable with having too much hair on our bodies. This is why we are always finding new ways to either remove the hair permanently or lighten it in some way.

This is why many people opt for bleaching procedures that work to lighten the hair. However, another method is using hydrogen peroxide to achieve the same result.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

What Is Hydrogen Peroxide?

It is a liquid chemical that is completely colorless. It is synthesized inside a lab and then it is sold to various salons, beauty stores, drugstores, and grocery stores.

However, the concentration of this chemical in these products is kept low. It ranges from three to nine percent. This is so it can be used as a bleach, hair lightener, and even as a disinfectant.

The blonde dyes that salons make also include this chemical to give hair the bleached and blonde color.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide To Lighten Hair

It is a popular choice among people to lighten the color of their hair on the head and the body. It can be used on its own to lighten hair on the body and it can be used in dyes to lighten hair on the head.

There is no science to lightening body hair with hydrogen peroxide. The process is fairly simple and anyone can do it at home. It is also inexpensive so you will not be breaking the bank by lightening your hair with this method.

Do remember that for body hair, you should be using only 3% hydrogen peroxide. You don’t want your skin to get irritated so stick to this only. All you have to is mix the chemical with some water in a bowl.

The ratio of hydrogen peroxide to water should be 1:1. Mix it with a spoon and then dip a cotton ball into the mixture. Let the liquid to completely soak the cotton.

After that take the cotton ball and cover the areas you want to have bleached hair. You can use it anywhere on the body. To get the best results, you can also sit in the sun for twenty to thirty minutes to activate the chemical even further. Wash it thoroughly, wipe yourself with a cloth, and you are done.

One thing to remember here is that your hair may not be that much lighter after the first use. So, it may take a few applications before you can start seeing noticeable results.

You can also apply a cream or lotion to rehydrate your skin after this process. This will ensure that your body remains smooth and hydrated.

Final Words

While hydrogen peroxide is both cheap and easy, it may not always work. This is why you should also look for other options. The best thing to do is remove the hair permanently so you don’t have to lighten it again and again.

The honey skin IPL laser handset is the perfect choice for this as it is both affordable and pain-free! Order yours now and see the amazing results. 

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