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How To Use An IPL Device

How To Use An IPL Device

  • By - Honey Skin
  • 03 June, 2019
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At the present moment (2019), there are several different designs of an IPL device, and mostly all perform well and used in the same way.

However, a huge percentage of the companies selling these devices do not offer detailed instructions on How To Use An IPL Device.

In this article, we will be showing you How To Use An IPL device through written and video instructions.

We will be explaining instructions based on the Best IPL Device.

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Before you start at all, there are two things that you have to check.
The first thing is the compatibility of your skin type and the second thing is colour of your hair.  

Below is a table that showcases what skin type and hair types are suitable.

How To Use An IPL Device

If your hair and skin type fall into one of the green tick circles, then continue for your instructions.

If you don’t fall into one of the green ticks circles, then we recommend you get professional advice from your doctor.


Getting to Know an IPL Device

How To Use An IPL Device


How To Use An IPL Device Instructions

  1. Please shave off the hair from the skin surface that you are planning on treating. Please do this before anything else.

  2. Make sure your skin is clean and you don’t have products on the skin surface prior to use.

  3. Plug in the power adapter to a powerpoint and plug the other end to your device.

  4. On your screen, the word “OFF” will pop up, this is normal. Just push the power button down for a few seconds.

  5. You can now click the power button once at a time to switch between intensity level 1 to 5 and back down to 1 (it is highly recommended you start off with intensity level 1 in your first treatment, and in your second treatment adjust the intensity according to your experience).

  6. When you place the device directly flat against your skin, the ‘Number of flashes Remaining’ figure should start blinking, this is normal. You can now click the flash button to emit a flash.

  7. For large body areas and faster treatment, you can hold down the flash button until the three diamond icon pops up on the screen. This is called the automatic mode. This means that every time you place the device directly onto your skin, it will automatically flash and you can slide down your skin for continuous automatic flashes. Hence for a faster treatment (please ensure to only use this setting for large body areas). Or hold the flash button to go back to the original manual flash mode.

  8. You should only flash a specific area of the skin once per treatment. When your treatment is complete, press and hold the power button to switch off your device.


Honey Skin understands that some individuals may find visual instructions a lot easier to comprehend. For those who enjoy learning through video instructions, enjoy the video below.




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