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How To Remove Your Hair With Sugar - COMPLETE Instructions FREE

How To Remove Your Hair With Sugar

  • By - Honey Skin
  • 24 September, 2020

Hair removal is a major concern for people all over the world. Every month, you find yourself rushing to the salon to get your waxing done, or perhaps you do it yourself at home! If you’re looking for an easy way to do this at home, then perhaps you should take a look at what sugar has to offer you. Yes, you read that right. You can easily remove hair with sugar, and it will barely cost you more than a few dollars! 

How To Remove Your Hair With Sugar

Step 1: Create The Sugaring Paste

First thing’s first, creating the sugaring paste for your hair removal. Here, you will need to create a mixture of sugar, lemon juice, and water. Combine 4 parts of sugar in one part of lemon juice and water, and then let it simmer overheat. Once you see it boil and get a thicker consistency, take it off and let it cool down before you place it into a container. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Skin For The Sugaring 

Now, you need to make sure that your skin is completely free of any sort of slippery substances. This includes lotions, moisturizers, and other body items. Wash off your body and make sure that none of these elements are present. 

Step 3: Add Powder To Area You Want To Sugar

After cleaning your skin, make sure to add a powder over the area where you want to remove your hair. This helps to make sure that the paste doesn’t get stuck to your skin. 

Step 4: Grab Sugar Past And Place It In Your Hand

It’s time to get your hands dirty. Take out the sugar paste on your hand and place it to create a ball form. This will help you when it comes to applying it to your skin. Warm up the sugaring mix into your hand and turn it into a ball before applying. 

Step 5: Apply It To The Skin

Next, you want to apply it directly onto the area where you wish to remove hair from. This is easy as you press the ball on your skin, flatten, and then stretch it over your hair. 

Step 6: Flick The Paste In The Same Direction Of Hair Growth

Once you’ve stretched the ball out on your skin, make sure that your skin is taught, and then flip the same direction of hair growth. Yes, this is different than most options out there as you pull the hair out in the same direction of hair growth. 

Step 7: Clear Out Any Paste That’s Left On Your Skin 

Now, using the same sugaring ball, you can clear out whatever paste is left on your skin. Press the ball onto your skin and flick it to get these bits and pieces off. 

Sugaring is considered an alternative to waxing. You use all-natural elements for it. However, this doesn’t ensure a permanent solution to hair growth. You can only get rid of your hair using an IPL Laser Hair Removal Headset for this. It is more effective and you’ll get long-lasting results that’ll save you all the trouble of trying out new hair removal techniques. 


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