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How To Remove Your Hair With Honey

How To Remove Your Hair With Honey

  • By - Honey Skin
  • 24 September, 2020

When it comes to hair removal, there’s nothing better than natural remedies available to you. Keep away from the chemicals and make use of ingredients that you can easily find at home for your hair removal needs.

One of the best natural ways that you can remove your hair is with honey. This process works similarly to how waxing works. Perhaps, it is almost identical to it. But the best thing about this is that you do not have to get scared of any crazy reactions from this. What you will be using is honey with a bit of lemon to make sure that this is effective. So, before any further ado, let’s get into how to remove hair with honey.

How To Remove Your Hair With Honey   

Step 1: Combine Honey And Lemon

The first thing that you will have to do is mix 2 parts of honey with one part of lemon juice. The amount of how much mixture you need completely depends on you. All you have to ensure is that you’re following this proportion. Doing so will leave you with the right kind of paste for your hair removal needs.

Step 2: Put The Mixture On Heat

Now, once the two are combined, you will have to put the mixture on heat. Make sure that as you go about this, your flame isn’t on too high. You want to let the two combine and simmer properly. Don’t rush it. Otherwise, you might end up with a burnt mixture.

Step 3: Let The Mixture Boil And Then Cool Down

As you leave the mixture on for boiling, you will have to make sure that you check on the temperature. So, what’s the right time? Make sure that the temperature doesn’t go over 238˚F. Also, don’t leave the mixture on for more than 20 minutes on the stove.

Step 4: Transfer The Mixture Into An Airtight Container

Next, you will need to transfer the mixture into an airtight container. This is to ensure that your mixture remains free of any contamination.

Step 5: Use A Muslin Cloth Or Your Fingers For Application

Now, for the main bit, you will have to either use the mixture cold or heated up. If you’re opting for the cold version, then all you need is your fingers for the application. You will have to use your fingers to take out a handful of this mixture, flatten, and then stretch it on your skin. Then, while keeping your skin taught, pull it in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

If you’re using this warm, then you will need a muslin cloth. Use a spatula for this to spread the mixture over your skin. Apply the cloth on top of the mix, and then pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

There you have it! An ideal way of removing your hair with honey. But you should know that this isn’t a permanent solution and you’ll need to do this frequently. If you’re looking for something long-lasting, then perhaps invest in an IPL Hair Removal Handset to get things working for you!

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