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How To Get Rid of Razor Burn & Shaving Rashes - PRO Tips & Tricks

How To Get Rid of Razor Burn & Shaving Rashes

  • By - Honey Skin
  • 24 September, 2020

In the modern-day world, who doesn’t enjoy wearing dresses or tank tops in the warm (and mostly humid) weather conditions. Over the times, women have come to appreciate themselves more and more. To put their own self first has become the new goal – one that we support through and through.

Body hair is something every woman of the world deals with. Where some may accept them as it is, others turn to removal methods like shaving and waxing. What’s important is to understand that every person has a different type of skin – sensitive, dry, oily, or a mixture of types. Shaving creams, having made of constituents that aren’t always favorable to all skin types, leave rashes. Even the razors may sometimes leave a cut or two and tiny burning blotches. These problems are quite common and almost every other girl has faced this at least once, if not more.

To be a girl isn’t easy, but we have got you covered. A few quick remedies that we have tried and tested for such cases are:

  1. Aloe Vera – this a widely known plant that works wonders for so many everyday problems. The cold jelly-like substance is notorious for soothing burns. To treat a burn, apply a little product on the affected area. This is also readily available at pharmacies, or better yet, your own garden.
  2. Baking Soda – baking soda is renowned to extract the heat from the burns. Dissolving a little amount of baking soda in water and applying the paste on the area effected by burns can work wonders!
  3. Warm Washcloth – since the razor burns are known to be in ingrown hair, applying a warm washcloth to such areas can help draw it out.
  4. Cold Water/Washcloth – washing (or applying a cold wet towel on) your skin with cold water right after shaving can help as it soothes the skin.
  5. Hydrating – rashes often occur when your skin is dehydrated, therefore, an ample amount of water intake needs to be ensured for healing.
  6. Calendula Cream – this herbal cream is manufactured with flowers and is greatly known to heal burns and rashes. A small amount of this cream multiple times a day can help you get rid of any rashes or burns.
  7. Moisturizing – moisturizing right after you are done shaving helps a great deal in soothing the skin.

Above are a few ways that can help you save your skin after a little damage is done. What you can do to prevent it altogether is to:

  1. Use a shaving gel.
  2. Don’t press too hard.
  3. Use a sharp blade.
  4. Or really – just use our at home IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset.

Most of us love shaving to sometimes feel better about our bodies – or mostly just because we have an important event to attend. Learning how to prevent these burns and rashes, or how to deal with them after they’ve occurred, is the main key. Learning what favors your skin after dealing with these issues is the best way to make it glow!

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