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Does Peeling Skin Remove Your Tan?

Does Peeling Skin Remove Your Tan?

  • By - Honey Skin
  • 26 October, 2020

While being sunburned is an awful feeling, it also gives you a very lovely tan. But the tan can only stay in very rare scenarios. If your skin starts peeling away, you might think about if the tan will away with it or not. Well, the answer for this could be found in the way tanning occurs. Here is how tan works.

The Process Of Tanning

Natural tanning is done through exposure to sunlight. If you do not use sunscreen, you are very likely to burn your skin instead of getting the beautiful brown skin. Sunburnt skin turns to red pretty quickly. However, in some cases that’s not what happens.

You might have your brown tan, but if you are sunburnt your skin will start peeling away. Sometimes, the tan is only on your epidermis (the surface of your skin). At other times, the melanin will saturate into the various textures of your skin. These two kinds of tanning will determine if peeling skin will remove your tan or not.

In the first case, since your tan is only on the base of your skin, peeling skin will take away the colour. It will cause your skin to regenerate the skin that’s your natural skin colour. In the other case, however, peeling skin will not remove tan. While the darkest colour will be removed, lighter shades will still emerge from the lower layers of your skin.

How To Retain Your Tan Colour

You shouldn’t be hopeless about your tan peeling away just yet. There are ways to retain the tan colour. If you moisturize your skin in a proper way pre and post tanning, it will ensure that your tan colour is retained. This is because the melanin will appropriately be distributed among your skin cells.

Another factor that helps in retaining tan is hydration. If you have drunk an appropriate amount of water during the day, your skin will be hydrated from the inside. This would further enhance the process of tanning. At the end, this would mean that the tan would not be on a surface level. This is highly effective in maintaining your tan even as your skin is peeling off. It’s an entire life hack!


An additional tip – Make sure that your skin is smooth and hair-free. Hair can cause the peeling skin to be an even more painful process than it already is. Plus, a tan looks best when it doesn’t affect your body hair. Sometimes, you don’t have the time to go to a salon for the hair removal process. Honey Skin’s IPL At Home Laser Hair Removal Handset is the perfect tool for that.

With this, you can remove your hair in a convenient way for a long period of time. This way you will never have to worry about removing your hair according to an event. It will also help your skin look its best when tanned. Peeling skin will not be a problem anymore. Just trust the process and take precautions.

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