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Does Electrolysis Really Work

Does Electrolysis Really Work?

  • By - Honey Skin
  • 26 October, 2020

Excessive body and facial hair can be a great source of distress among many people. While temporary hair removal solutions work, the process is extremely tiresome. Not only do you have to repeat the same thing every 2 weeks, but also suffer through pain. In case, you’re using a razor, it would only mean countless cuts and bleeds.

For permanent hair removal, people often choose between laser surgery or an electrolysis process. Electrolysis process is pretty lengthy but consists of only a fixed number of treatments. Other than this, people question the pain of the process too. But does electrolysis work? Let’s dive into the basics first to find out if it works.


Electrolysis And Hair Removal

Electrolysis often works through a galvanic, thermolysis, or a mixed way. Either way, the process includes the insertion of a delicate probe inside the hair follicle. Once, at the root of the hair, the type of electrolysis stops hair growth permanently. How? By simply damaging the root to prevent further growth. This also causes the current hair to feather out.

Galvanic electrolysis involves the use of chemicals; however, the second method consists of using localized heat. The second method is thermolysis. Finally, the mixed method uses both procedures to effectively remove hair permanently.


Does It Work?

Whenever people talk about permanent hair removal solutions, they often consider electrolysis. Electrolysis has the highest success rate to date. Plus, there are millions of satisfied customers for it. There is little to no reporting of hair regrowth. Additionally, there are no long-term consequences of electrolysis. If this article were to answer the question of the effectiveness of electrolysis, then it is. It works!

However, there are some things that you should keep in mind before going for electrolysis. Here are a few.


Ingrown Hair Can Cause More Pain

In case you have some ingrown hair, it might cause you more pain. Because electrolysis involves the insertion of a fine probe into your skin, it could be an extremely painful procedure. So before, you go for it, make sure you get rid of hair follicles that could cause trouble.


There Are A Lot Of Treatments

While some permanent hair removal options can cause you a session only once every year, electrolysis doesn’t. There are multiple sessions you have to go through in order to be permanently hair-free. If you’re committed enough, it might be your best bet at getting rid of the excess body and facial hair.


Electrolysis is the perfect option for a permanent hair-free body. It’s definitely a lengthy process but it is worth it at the end. However, not everyone has the same level of pain tolerance. If you are hesitant for the process in any way, you can do so at home. The At Home IPL Laser Hair Removal handset by Honey skin is the best way to remove your hair painlessly. The best part of it all is that it is affordable too. After all, who doesn’t love smooth skin at a cheap price?

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