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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: What to do before, during, and after?

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: What to do before, during, and after?

  • By - Honey Skin
  • 09 June, 2019


Brazilian laser hair removal is one of the most preferred regimens for females, providing intense care for reducing those hair growths in secret areas.

It’s always a struggle trying to prepare for Brazilian laser hair treatment as this procedure is more of a private treatment and it is an awkward topic to go around asking people about.

Here at Honey Skin, we are going to give you a guideline of what to expect and what you should consider before, during, and after your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment.

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What Should you do Before Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

Here are the things to consider when preparing for your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment:


To make sure that you get the best out of your Brazilian treatment, it is important to shave the area 12 hours before your treatment as this will ensure the surface of your private area to be clear and the root of your hair follicles will be present just underneath.

Try your best to avoid using exfoliating cream, threading, waxing and any use of hair removal cream 2 weeks prior to your treatment to receive outstanding results.

brazilian laser hair removal remember to shave


It is important to have a shower before your treatment so that your consultant can easily access those private areas efficiently.

Showering is important to present healthy hygiene for the clinic and yourself.

Be sure when showering to use water or only products that are gynaecologically and dermatologically tested as soap, body wash, gel, and perfumed products can irritate the Brazilian treatment and is not good for your vaginal PH levels.

Brazilian laser hair removal remember to shower

Avoid Sun Exposure and Fake Tans

Make sure to avoid sun exposure at any cost or tanning following your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment as any signs of fake tan or being sunburned can cost you to re-booking or cancellation of your appointment.

To prevent this try your best to just avoid the sunny beaches and tanning salons 2 weeks prior to your treatment than after your treatment you can enjoy wearing your bikini down at the beach.

If you can’t avoid sunny beaches or the tanning salons make sure to either advise your clinic consultant or wear some board shorts or sarong to protect your skin before your treatment.


Wear Whatever Makes You Feel Comfortable

To avoid any pressure on private areas before your treatment, wear something that makes you feel comfortable essentially loose clothing is preferred rather than tight clothing as wearing tight clothing can actually irritate the intimate areas before the treatment and cause discomfort after it.

Females can wear clothes such as skirts, loose shorts, and baggy pants as males can wear sloppy shorts and tracksuit pants; typically anything that makes you feel comfortable is preferable.

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable Brazilian Laser hair removal


When entering the clinic it’s crucial that you feel comfortable and relaxed at all times as you want to experience the best treatment.

Be sure to ask as many questions to your technician at all times of your procedure even when you are feeling unsure or to shy speak up as it is important that you get the best treatment possible.

Making sure to be calm and relax helps the process better and makes the Brazilian laser hair treatment more pleasant, remember the clinic provides trained qualified staff who know what they are doing so do not worry you will be in great hands just breath, relax and enjoy.

brazilian laser hair removal relax

What Should you do During Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

So you're finally here, it's normal to be nervous! Someone is about to get really deep and personal with you down there, and you are going to feel very exposed.

It's a normal human trait to feel uncomfortable and nervous in situations like these.

Below are our tips on what you should consider during your treatment.
If you feel like this treatment is too invading and embarrassing (it's normal to feel like this) please read our other article on The Best Alternative to Laser Hair Removal At Clinics.


Expect Discomfort

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that it doesn't hurt! Truth be told, it feels like someone is repeatedly snapping you with a rubber band! It definitely is uncomfortable!

Most Laser Clinics will tell you it's nothing, but truth be told, go grab a rubber band, and place it next to your skin. Now stretch it, and let it swing back to slap your skin. Now do this repeatedly.

This is the best way I can describe to you how it feels to get Laser done at Clinics.

Read our other article on The Same Results as Laser Clinics Without Pain!

Did you drink the other night? Expect Pain!

I remember that one time I drank a bunch and had my Laser appointment scheduled for the next morning. It really did hurt so much more than normal (they don't warn you about this).

Hangovers are caused by overconsumption of alcohol (usually the night before). Symptoms include headache, nausea, sensitivity to light, and fatigue. [Source]

Set Realistic Expectations

Do not expect to go to a Laser Clinic, and see visible results after a few sessions. This is just not the case.

You typically begin to see results after at least 5-10 treatments on the same body area. This may become pretty pricey for you and there's no easy way to tell how much Laser Clinics cost.

However, Honey Skin did thorough research and inquiries to countless laser clinics about their prices.

Read our other article on How Much Does Laser Clinics Cost to see the results of our research.

What should you do After Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

For the following few days, sensitivity and redness are present.
Your Laser clinic has probably already advised you of their soothing lotion used for post-treatment. You should purchase this lotion off them, and use it as directed.

Typically, these soothing lotions should be applied twice a day for a minimum of 5 days and in return will calm, relieve and protect the treated area.
Redness usually lasts a few days, but on rare occasions, it may last longer.

If you feel like this is too scary and you do not want to go to Laser Clinics for this treatment, read our recommended article on The Best At Home IPL Device


Heres a video below showing the live process and reaction of an individual getting her Brazilian Treatment At a Laser Clinic.

Note: The Treatment Begins at time 6:40.


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