At Home Laser Hair Removal For Dark Skin

An At Home Laser Hair Removal Device is a dream come true for most users. But for other users, it's just a question in their mind, "would it work on my skin tone though?".

The truth is, the answer isn't straight forward, it is actually a little complicated for dark skin users due to the high levels of melanin in their skin.
We wrote this article to explain exactly what a dark skin tone individual should do before purchasing their At Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Device. Here are the two best tips we can give you.

Dark Skin Tone Laser Hair Removal Research

If you're a dark skin tone user and want to purchase an at home laser hair removal device, doing thorough research before purchasing is very important.
By “research” we mean you do more than just Google searches, you dig deeper.
Most companies offer skin tone charts to self-judge if the device would work on your skin tone. See Honey Skins At Home IPL Device's skin tone chart below.

Dark Skin Users At Home Laser

*Be extra careful when companies offer IPL Devices that claim to work on the darkest skin tones and are at a much cheaper price. Look for evidence or studies behind such claims!

Talk to the IPL Company Staff

If after researching, you still cannot find an answer that you feel confident with. Then at that point, our recommendation is to contact the Company staff through a Contact Us Page or even a direct message through their Instagram or Facebook Pages. Top companies, that really offer superior-quality product, offer a huge range of customer support. Don't be hesitant to even ask the so-called "silly questions". Just reach out to them. Who knows, maybe it'll be life changing! You have the right to ask, and they have their responsibility to listen!

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